Managing Director’s Statement

I am pleased to announce that Bank Day has demonstrated an outstanding performance during the fiscal year. The number of our branches increased from 60 to 80 and our deposits grew from IRR32, 805 billion to IRR65,943 billion enjoying a staggering 101% growth. Our dividends also grew by 25.5%, while net profits increased from, IRR1,237,819 million in 2012 to IRR1,673,982 million in 2013. Furthermore, our total assets have enjoyed a rising trend from IRR49,677,151 million in 2012, reaching IRR84,181,765 million in the following year. These accomplishments have been achieved in spite of the international sanctions and the ongoing recession in Iran’s economy.

Having not been satisfied with the aforementioned performance, we intend to continue to grow as a bank and to keep on providing our customers with a wide variety of high quality products and services. We also plan to further expand our branch network throughout the country, introduce new banking products and services, assert an active presence in the primary capital markets and identify quick yield investment opportunities, boost the volume of our foreign exchange operations, constantly upgrade our existing hardware and software systems in order to further enhance the quality of our services and to expand the scope of our activities. We also intend to increase our international operations and to obtain new credit lines from foreign banks.

To conclude, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our shareholders who have placed their faith in our abilities and provided this bank with financial backing. I would also like to thank dear colleagues without whose expertise, hard work and dedication, this Bank would not have achieved so much.


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